I believe in a path that’s out of our hands. I think of how I met my wife.

I believe there’s some kind of uncaused cause or universal creator, the essence of which is something to do with love. Our feeling of love comes somehow from this universal creator that created life in the universe and everything and us. Our journey in this world is to figure out our place and relationship to that universal creator – to that love. And the way that happens is being placed in a finite world with restrictions, which forces us to make tough choices. The plague can happen and death can happen and that forces us to make choices to figure out who we are and what our relationship is with the divine or whatever you want to call it.

My family has been involved in the General Church for the New Jerusalem since my Dad’s grandfather. It calls itself Christian but it’s different for some key reasons: the Trinity is not a thing; there will not be a second coming; and Jesus didn’t atone for our sins.

Where I’ve got to now is that you see in other religions reference to something beyond us, and this suggestion of letting go of the natural self, letting go of self-preservation. And I also see in other religions this notion of trust or faith – a path that’s out of your hands. Whatever you’re doing is right for reasons you don’t understand. The universe has put you in a particular situation for a particular reason. There must be something else going on, therefore there must be a divine creator [laughing] – that’s the short version.

Something that has brought me closer to my belief in a path that’s out of our hands is when I make mistakes in my life that two, three years down the line turn out really important for setting me up for something else. And I only realise that in hindsight. And to say that those things happened in that order by coincidence seems totally ludicrous.

I think of how I met my wife. That was a series of events that taken together seems like a ridiculous sum of coincidences. I can’t see my wife and I not meeting. The notion of a universe where her and I did not meet is ridiculous to me. Because of how well we get along, our feeling that we’re soul mates. I can’t believe that there is nothing beyond what we see and think and feel. So I guess, if that’s down to chance, if there is a universe where it’s possible we didn’t meet, I don’t want to know about it.

I’m often not open to admitting I’m Christian because of the negative connotations that come with Christianity. Especially here in British Columbia there’s a lot of antipathy towards Christianity and organised religion generally. But I feel if I could admit my Christianity, I could make more spiritual progress.

I struggle with the fact that we don’t have a church here. We have to meet in a hotel room. And so I’m not able to have my kids experience Christianity in the way I have – force it upon them [laughing].

Often my kind of Christianity surprises people. I once dated someone who was shocked by the fact that for me, just because someone is not Christian, doesn’t mean they’re going to hell. As well as “well what do you mean Jesus didn’t atone for our sins?” Because for a lot of Christians that’s a big deal. It’s kind of heretical. People are also confused by my openness to different forms of spirituality.



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