I don’t think people would judge me as very spiritual but I think I am.

I believe that there’s some kind of element controlling the universe. I don’t stick a name on it but I firmly believe in it.

As a child I was brought up in the United Church. I went to Sunday School and all that. But as I grew up I began to question, “why is it always ‘our religion is different from yours so therefore ours is right and yours is wrong'”? That bothered me a lot as a young person.

So when I came to the first big obstacles in my life, I joined a 12 step program and the philosophy behind that program was just 100% what I believe. I think that was where the big switch came.

I’m not against religion. I go to Unitarian Church with my daughter when I go to visit her in the States. I go to church events and occasions. But when it comes to being the one and only religion – I can’t swallow that one.

Many years ago I was really into Edgar Cayce, the prophet from the States. He lived in the 40s and during the Second World War and so on. He had spiritual beliefs, but he also believed in reincarnation and all that. He opened my mind to investigating that sort of thing. And also people like Ghandi really inspire me. And also Joseph Campbell in his interviews with Bill Moyer regarding Campbell’s book The Power of Myth. He explores everything from tribes in Africa to Islam and suggests that every culture has similar beliefs but different rules and regulations. And it’s the rules and regulations that I don’t agree with.

If anything I’d say I identify with Buddhism, but I wouldn’t call myself a Buddhist.

I have a lot of friends who are born-again Christians. I try not to get into spiritual discussions with them. I say “I’ve got my own position and I’m not interested in exploring another belief system”.

I don’t think people would judge me as very spiritual but I think I am. People find me assertive and blunt and I have a lot of controversial opinions.

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