If you don’t be a dick to people, they won’t be a dick to you.

I don’t believe anything really. I think the world probably started with the Big Bang and then whatever the scientific consensus is.

In Australia, I was kind of raised Catholic and it just sounded a bit silly. My parents were a bit half-assed Catholic as well [laughing]. And they were doing it just because their parents did it. So I guess I just stopped at some point.

I don’t firmly know all the definitions, but I don’t consider myself hard-atheist. Probably not agnostic either: I kind of just don’t have any strong beliefs, and I don’t really care if other people do.

Growing up Christian, they kind of drill into you, “be a good person” and I think that’s generally a good thing to do. “Don’t be a dick”. And it kind of works out: if you don’t be a dick to people, they won’t be a dick to you. That probably leads to a happier life.

When it comes to not being a dick, in general I don’t be a dick, but sometimes I am. Like sometimes you get angry and, you know, with a bit of rage you kind of say shit or do shit that you later regret. At the time you’re kind of thinking “this is a bad idea” but it just kind of happens. And then you’re just like “ergh: probably shouldn’t have done that”.

I have dreadlocks and I’m an academic. And I don’t smoke weed and I’m not into all this spiritual, yoga bullshit. So probably that surprises people.

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