We don’t function well without some kind of inherent faith in how things are gonna work out.

If I put it simply I believe that we live by faith. Faith that things are gonna keep going okay. And diversity is a big value. The more input you have from different areas, the better things turn out.

There’s a bunch of things that culminated in realising how important different inputs are. Studying Economics when I was younger, and realising the value of diversity in the economic sphere. And seeing the value of diversity in the social sphere, such as the value of having women involved in boardrooms.

Faith just came from being nonreligious, the realisation that I have a lot of faith, it’s just not related to a God in particular or something like that; rather faith in itself is a valuable thing. We don’t function well without some kind of inherent faith in how things are gonna work out. People that I’ve met travelling, who go from place to place, they seem to have this kind of inherent faith that things would be okay and that it didn’t really matter where they were in the world. Again, all these things, because of my age, I think they’re a culmination of observations over time. I wasn’t a follower of a person or a thing, but rather an observer of what I saw.

I’m a fallen Lutheran, I’ve come to appreciate the Catholics because my wife is one and I give her credit. But probably I think of myself as a Buddhist. But in no formal way.

I never identified with a religion very well. I was probably anti-religious when I was young, because I was kind of a rebelling against any kind of order. Now I tend to think, whatever group you’re in, you can always find ways to mischaracterise the other group by their faults. Every group has its faults. I was a Protestant as a kid, I probably bought into the philosophy that we were protesting the excesses of the Catholic Church 700 years ago. But Protestantism is kind of a bland religion, and as I get older I can more appreciate Catholicism or religions that have some more formal rituals that people follow, I give that credit now, I understand it’s something that puts you at ease within yourself. That being said, it would never be me [laughing].

As I grew older I just, I’ve come to realise the kind of conservative values that Churches pass on. I’m not particularly in favour of them, but rather in general I give them all credit for a kind of solidarity and community that they sponsor and I’ve come to appreciate the good works they do. Without ever having the desire to join any particular group [laughing]. Groups make me nervous! But it’s amazing what the different faiths do. I have not much use for the Mormons, but some of the things the Mormons do, in terms of charity, are kind of amazing.

But you have to be blind to history to not be a little uncomfortable with what people do when they get together in the name of religion, so personally I would have a hard time following any dogma, because I know too much of what’s happened when people follow them.

It’s probably the worst thing to be: white, male, American. My daughters were always telling me that I’m so privileged, and I’d say, when you understand how we got our country and what we did to different peoples who lived in our country I wouldn’t say it’s a big blessing to be a white male American. But I guess I’m blessed, so I’m told.


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