When I was sixteen I got the same tattoo as David Beckham

I believe in kindness; in doing good turns; altruism; in doing good deeds where possible. I believe we should be looking after our planet more; being responsible for how we act. But it’s hard and often contradictory. I often think I shouldn’t eat meat but I still do.

My Mum and dad are both kind people. So that’s where that comes from. As to the planet, I guess it’s lived experience. You watch David Attenborough and you see the melting icecaps. And when he shows you something – good old David [chuckling] – it has the power to shift your lived experience.

If I had to label myself I’d call myself an atheist in terms of lack of belief. There’s no animosity; it’s just that I don’t believe. I don’t believe in Thor. To me they’re all in the same category.

I’m agnostic about the universe. I’m open to the possibility that there are things I don’t know. If something came around tomorrow I’m quite open to changing my mind.

I think things need to be rooted in action. People need to act rather than just think.

I see the positive aspects of being religious: being involved in a congregation; having collective beliefs. I think those things positively contribute to society. It’s only when they infringe on other people that I take issue.

I’ll tell you what might surprise you. When I was sixteen I got a religious tattoo because I like the iconography. And it was the same one as David Beckham. Oh this is terrible. I was sixteen, I thought he was really cool. I had a little fake ID, went down my local high street and got the same tattoo he has on his neck but on my back.

To be honest I’m actually really into the mythology side of religion. I like learning about different gods, different deities. I like the visual aspect too. And so I got this (oh why?) [laughing] I got this tattoo.

I don’t think I have one friend who’s religious. So I guess I wasn’t ever even socialised into or out of religion. It just didn’t occur to me as something I could be.

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